Matthias Collischon

Matthias Collischon



Matthias Collischon completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Socioeconomics with the focus area „Behavioral Studies“ in Nuremberg in 2014 and continued with the master degree program in Socioeconomics. He began working at Prof. Riphahn’s chair in Juli 2016.


Collischon, M.; Cygan-Rehm, K.; Riphahn, R. (202x). Employment Effects of Payroll Tax Subsidies. Small Business Economics (forthcoming). [link]

Collischon, M. (2020). Trends in the Gender Wage Gap in the US. A replication study of Blau and Kahn (Journal of Economic Literature 2017). International Journal for Re-Views in Empirical Economics, 4(2020-2). doi: 10.18718/81781.17 [Open Access]. [Replication Files]

Collischon, M. (2019). The Returns to Personality Traits Across the Wage Distribution. LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations. doi: 10.1111/labr.12165 [Open Access] [Extended working paper]

Reichelt, M.; Collischon, M.; Eberl, A. (2019). School tracking and its role in social reproduction: Reinforcing educational inheritance and the direct effects of social origin. British Journal of Sociology. doi: 10.1111/1468-4446.12655 [Open Access].

Collischon, M. (2018). Is there a Glass Ceiling over Germany?. German Economic Review. doi: 10.1111/geer.12168 [Replication Files] [Earlier Working Paper]

Collischon, M. (2017). Relative Pay, Rank and Happiness: A Comparison Between Genders and Part- and Full-Time Employees. Journal of Happiness Studies. doi:10.1007/s10902-017-9937-z

Working Papers

Collischon M.; Eberl, A.; Reichelt, M. (2020). Structural legacies and the motherhood penalty: How past societal contexts shape mothers’ employment outcomes in reunified Germany. SocArXiv Preprint. doi: 10.31235/

Collischon, M.; Kuehnle, D.; Oberfichtner, M. (2020). Cash-For-Care, or Caring for Cash? The Effects of a Home Care Subsidy on Maternal Employment, Childcare Choices, and Children’s Development. IZA DP No. 13271 [link] (Under review)

Collischon, M.; Eberl, A; Jahn; K. (2018). The effect of compulsory service on life satisfaction and its channels. IAB-Discussion Paper 24/2018 [link] (Under review)

Collischon, M. (2018). Can Personality Traits Explain Glass Ceilings?. SOEP Paper No. 965. [link] (Under review)